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    Isn't it time school music programs evolve?

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Learn in the privacy of your own home and make mistakes without criticism!

We all have fun acting silly when we know no one is watching. Here's your chance to learn as an individual without judgment. Be goofy, make mistakes and funny faces – no one will ever know!

Utilizing music with children of all ages and developmental needs has been proven in various studies to improve their life skills in numerous ways.

- Dr. Angela Tracy
PsyD, MFT, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
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The cool factor

Let's be honest here, most school music programs haven't changed in decades! If we want to inspire them, shouldn't we be teaching what they really want to learn? We think so and we're committed to doing just that. Current instruments, rock star teachers and modern technology that brings our lessons to you whenever and wherever you're ready.

I owe all my success in life to great teachers. I'm a product of great music education programs.

- Rich Redmond
Drummer of Jason Aldean
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Speaking of technology...

We've made WorkShopRock smart too. You can start and stop anywhere in a lesson, no matter what device you are learning on, and we will remember exactly where you left off! To make it easy for you, we are available on any computer device, mobile, tablet or PC.

This is a fantastic one-liner that gets your attention.

- John Doe
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