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    We support all forms of music education and we are
    big believers in our school system

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Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs

WorkshopRock exists because we believe in kids and know that it is our duty as a community to insure our children have every opportunity to achieve maximum success in life. We challenge the status quo and refuse to accept mediocrity as sufficient. We believe in progress and positive change that inspires thought, creativity and greater learning thru music.

Our Beliefs
We Are the...

We are the...

We are parents, neighbors, musicians and educators that are keenly aware of the benefits music education has on a developing mind. We are regular people passionate about keeping music as a core part of our childrens education.

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We are different

What would a school music program look like if we let the kids design it? That is exactly the question we asked kids. We got our answer and WorkshopRock is 100% built on those very recommendations. We deliver our lessons via the internet to any computer, mobile device or tablet. Kids want to play the same instruments and similar styles of music their favorite bands play. They want to be in control of what they are learning and when they want to learn it. We do that.

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Giving back

We support all forms of music education and we are big believers in our school system. Because of that, we pay back a large percentage of our monthly subscriptions back to schools, on a monthly basis, to be used however they see fit. No strings attached. Win-win for all